Friday, July 4, 2014

How to save your money (Survival tips)

Assalamualaikum and hi,afternoon guys.

Still in fasting months. I found this Ramadhan is fascinating. Why? Because its all about money.
Haha.My money runs out this months.Yet, I'm still budgeting how I would survive for next few weeks while waiting for my salary.

This is how I save to stay in KL.

1) Always make a budget sheet. You can make your own as simple as per below.

Cash in - Expenses=Balance

2) You will burst a tears if you see the minus right? No. Don't cry, you can cut out you daily expenditure.As such, if your daily expenditure is around RM15 (Its based on mine expense) you can cut around RM5 so remaining is RM10. The RM5 you can use when sum up with the next day budget and now you can have one more day to survive with RM5+RM5!

3)Next is try as much as possible to save by buying a loaf of "roti hiris Gardenia" and "Kaya".
You can have it for three to four days as your breakfast.So, you are saving around RM3x3 days=RM9!

4)Try not to eat outside.Brings your own lunch.As for me,I don't have time to cook.
So, I buy outside finding the cheaper stalls.

5)If you really don't have money, ask for help from your close friends. Never ask the stranger,they might think you as "kaki kencing".

6)Smile and never stressed out.Just think this is your chance to rectify your spending habit. As for me, I seldom had financial problem, but because of something I can't put aside, I have to face the difficulty.
So, cheer up.There are so many peoples out there also facing the same problems as your are or even worse.Be thankful everytime.

As for "holly" Ramadhan, why not we keep giving the "sedekah" for the needy. Yes, today you help people.But the other day, you never know Allah will help you in many ways when you need it.Its called "Rezeki".

Thanks for reading.Wassalam. :')

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