Friday, March 18, 2011

u r special bcOz...

Assalamualaikum to all readers...have you wonder why your day is full with shine n blessings?Its because someone that always pray for you.Pray for your happiness,give you support. And I want to share one story,about her.

I'm so thankful to have a fren like you...=)
For take my hands..
n u r my fren..

First tym I met u..
U gave a sweet dolly smile..

I tell myself..
"I'm her fren!"
And I smile too..

It was 1999..
so long to remember..,
but it always kept in my mind...
we've in the same class...

Thanks for this frienship..
U noe..
U r the most bestest fren..
I've ever had..

Like wondergirls sing..
"I want nobody but you,"

U give me ladder,if I fall..
U know my fear..
U wipe my tears...
U laugh my joke..
I laugh yours too...

But most important..
u accept me as I am..
thought like u..
simply we can be for who we are..

friends comes and goes..
with changing of time..
and location..
but you..
always near for me...

do love me as I love you,
do trust me as I trust you,
do miss me as I miss you,
but do smile for me if I cry beside you...

we must fulfill our family's wish..
make them happy..
with our victory...

let's pray...
for our best..saranghae!


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