Friday, March 4, 2011

RaNtai HaTi,KaLunG kAsiH sAyaNg

Love chain

Assalamualaikum,do you still remember Love Chain Drama on TV3 long time ago?I still remember.It was a romantic story and the best after Titanic and Kuch Kuch Ho Ta Hai.Why I really love this kind of storyline?
Because I love LOVE.And I don't know why.

First and foremost,I start to know love after I know why my mother and my late father always take care of me.It was my childhood.My mother always pamper me with her shower of love.She loves me,right?I've stayed with my late father from I was born until I'm eight.When I nine,my parents separate.Since then,I was far from my father and my brothers.I just had my mother and younger brother beside.

Then,my mother married.Thanked God,my stepfather is really kind to support me in my study.Actually,it wasn't so bad to have a stepfather.He give me fully support although sometimes we have a differ opinions.As many years passed,he divorced my mother.Maybe,they don't meant to be together.I'm so sad.

I'm glad now.Although they're separate,but they always keep in touch.Furthermore,he willing to take care my two nieces.He also gives me money although not so enough,but I promised not to waste it.InsyaAllah.

So now,what kind of love to be chain here?Actually,when you make your parents happy,you'll be blessed by Allah SWT.Allah's blessed come from your parents' s blessed.Between my siblings,the water that is cut,will never break.We are the same blood and flesh. So,good or bad,they're my family.And I love them so much.

A great lost when my late father,passed away on 21st April 2010.I can't forget this date.Never.Al-Fatihah.May Allah placed him among pious muslims.InsyaAllah.I must keep remember,although my father were separate with my family and now he had followed my late younger brother that was born on 1994,our love chain will never ever break.In future,we will follow both of you guys.May Allah set our meeting there with full of blessings.Amin.

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