Saturday, February 26, 2011

wElcOmE tO IPB

Assalamualaikum...this is the time when an event at IPB called Senamtari 1 Malaysia.There were a lot of activities such as traditional dance and silat.Not to forget,tae kwan do also perfomed by a group of Persatuan Tae Kwan Do IPB.

Below is my hostel..whee..why nampak so formal nie??arghhhh..x syuke2...

Blok Aspuri

This is Aspura's block.There are six-storeys buildings.
Khusyuk kan diorang??Nie tgh dengar taklimat about Promosi Kesihatan.Hmm..khusyuk la sgt..actually very the tak abis nganga mulut panggil lalat masuk..(nguap lerr..)
Persatuan Silat cool..damn cool..sumer mantap2..perempuan pom ade..sgt brtenaga!!

kak Dimas n me

Waniey Baby n me...nie tym derma darah...tym nie bwu tahu i am A's blood group..huhu

This time Kak Dimas and me was berlawa-lawa to go to Time Square.I want to buy cardigan and inner..yeahhh...cute??huhu..=p

Kak Dimas or her full name,Dimas Nurathiqua bt Mohamad Johardi from kind and caring..hehe...

From left,kak Jannah,20..Ayu, kak Farah,22..they are all my sweet & happening!

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